Andy Goldstein

Andy Goldstein is Digital Media Expert and Partner & MD at Deloitte Digital

He will hold the Afternoon Keynote at the Trend Day at 02.00 pm (14 Uhr) about the future perspective for Corporate Communications in the age of AI.

Andy Goldstein Deloitte Digital

Andy Goldstein Deloitte Digital

Andy is a Managing Director of Deloitte Digital GmbH and co-leads the Digital Strategy and Ventures Service Area. He is also Co-Founder and Executive Director of the LMU Entrepreneurship Center with over 125 spawned companies in six years and the German Accelerator, a project of the German government that has graduated over 60 companies in three years.

Andy is a serial entrepreneur with 32 years experience in founding, building and accelerating companies. Before working for Deloitte, he sold his software company to the publicly listed Avanquest Software in 2003.